Become the Mayor!

Govern skillfully in 100 years of city life.
Prove your eligibility for public office!

Why become the Mayor?

You Decide

Regardless of whether it’s grandma’s stolen lime cake recipe or the new subway station.

Competent Consultants

As the boss, all you have to do is agree to their suggestions. Or refuse, that annoys them particularly.

Success is Great

Not many Mayors manage a flawless tenure.

Unlimited Budget

Nice try…

Awesome Features


More than a thousand events in five different scenarios make every game unique.


Start playing immediately, make strategic decisions, win.


A game lasts about five minutes. Ideal for bridging short waiting times.


Free to download. No in-app purchases.


So that you can play in peace.


For carefree games anywhere.

The best decision is often the one you will regret the least



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How to Play?

Your goal is to grow your city to the max. Your consultants bring up the problems at hand. You Decide: approval or rejection. The game is a series of decisions and their consequences.

Is Mayor a building game?

Mayor is a card game in the course of which a city is built. As mayor, however, you don’t get your hands dirty yourself.

Is the game repetitive?

Each game presents a unique selection of problems from a pool of over a thousand cards. In addition, your decisions in the current game change the current selection of problems.

Can I play the game with or against somebody else?

No. Mayor is a single-player game.

Do I see the impact of my decision in advance?

Yes. You can see exactly which changes a decision will trigger.

How can I master the game?

Many decisions have specific long-term effects that you can find out. The more appropriately you react to different events, the more often you will be successful as mayor.

Is the game realistic?

Mayor is based on historical and current facts. In its scenarios, the game presents typical problems of urban development between 1900 and 2025.

How hard is the game?

The game offers five scenarios with different levels of difficulty. In addition, a trophy can be won in each tenure. Finishing the first scenario is relatively easy. Earning the best trophy in every scenario is very difficult.

Download the game now: Google Play Store