Book of Dungeons

Single-player RPG!

Friendly turn-based fantasy RPG full of enemies, loot and wit.

What is it about?

Book of Dungeons is a mix of offline roleplaying game, card game and adventure game. Ejoy this free single-player experience exclusively on your Android device.

You go on an expedition with a group of iconic heroes. The focus is on relaxed turn-based battles, challenging traps, and tons of loot.


Join crazy heroes like Skeleton Warrior Timorion, Demolitionist Ororo, and Goat Betsy.


Face a wide variety of creatures.


Overcome dozens of doors, traps, and other obstacles.


Discover hundreds of amazing loot pieces and treasures.

Enjoy your adventure

Rich in variety

Hundreds of enemies and obstacles make each game unique.


Play now!


Complete an expedition in a few minutes.


Play without time pressure.


So you can play in peace.


For carefree gaming anywhere.

 A great game, and I’m spending hours without even noticing the time.


This is how combat works

Say hello to Demolitionist Ororo! Lets take a look at how Ororo fights.

This is an amber ooze. This hideous creature plans an attack (drowning human).

Each hero offers an attack. Ororo’s idea looks like something with flames.

Flames seem like a good idea. You swipe Ororo up.

Exchange of blows: Ororo and the Ooze attack each other.

Three flames are visible on the ooze. These represent the fire damage suffered by the ooze. The ooze visibly loses life.

Two lemons are visible at Ororo. These represent the acid damage Ororo suffers from the attack of the ooze.


Entombed Stronghold

Release: March 2023

An ancient stronghold lies entombed here for reasons long forgotten. The dusty vaults hide secrets to this very day. 

Porto Corallo

Release: September 2023

The unique lighthouse town between the trade routes of the North and the white beaches of the South. Merchants, tourists, and pirates: all drop anchor here.

Gem Run

Release: players vote

A magical storm sweeps across the world of Splinter. Every creature that comes too close petrifies into an invaluable gemstone statue. Is it worth the risk?

Always at your service

Release: players vote

Annoying guests, hungry pets, and a party that got terribly out of hand: it’s not easy being the servant of a curmudgeonly prince of darkness.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the Book of Dungeons?

We’ve reduced the classic pen & paper experience to its essence. The result is a collection of adventures in the form of a single player RPG. Because it includes several independent adventures, like a collection of stories in one book, we call it: Book of Dungeons.

What is the aim of the game?

Complete all three chapters of each hero. To do this, you must level up all heroes and complete all boss fights. That should take at least 30 hours – per adventure.

What is special about Book of Dungeons?

As a mobile offline RPG in-between experience, we deliberately do without many complex role-playing elements. There is no gear, no specs, and no crafting. Instead, custom-made iconic heroes that fit right into the adventure with a little story.

What do I need loot for?

As with all RPGs, you need loot the increase the power of your heroes. With Book of Dungeons, it’s pretty straightforward. You sell the loot immediately and get gold. With gold you increase the level of your heroes.

How do I know what an attack does?

Tap on it. You will find out how much damage is caused and what type. How much mana the attack costs and who the attack targets. Some spells can also be stolen. Others have a special effect.

What attack is the best?

Higher level heroes have more powerful attacks. But that’s not always the best choice. Stronger attacks are effective but not efficient. So a lot of Kaboom, but at a much higher cost. In addition, sometimes the opponent is immune to certain types of damage.

Damage types

Different attacks can deal different types of damage. Each type of damage has its own icon. The larger the icon displayed in battle, the higher the damage.

Blunt Damage

Example: punch, falling from a height

Piercing Damage

Example: arrows, swords

Radiant Damage

Example: holy damage, very bright light, radioactivity

Necrotic Damage

Example: curses, bloodsuckers

Acid Damage

Example: acid splash, touch of an ooze

Cold Damage

Example: frost cone, falling into cold water

Poison Damage

Example: snake venom, poisonous gases

Lightning Damage

Example: lightning, electric shock

Heat Damage

Example: fireball, boiling cauldron

Sonic Damage

Example: extremely loud thunder

Mental Damage

Example: nasty insult, psionic abilities


Each enemy and some heroes have resistances, immunities and vulnerabilities to some types of damage. Use this to your advantage!


Attack missed, dodged, or parried


Takes only part of the damage


Takes no damage at all


Takes extra damage

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